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  • ball size 100g - length cca 200m
  • knitting - needles 4 - 5 mm
  • weaving - reed 7.5dpi
Naturally it is not need to spin all your yarns alone. The spinning has its own glamour, in spite of it there are the moments, when you prefer finished yarn for faster realization of your intention. In that case you can pick out from our offer of number beautiful shades 100% wool yarn TEKAPO, which is suitable especially for hand knitting and weaving.

Random colours

Prices include tax
AY-063Tekapo Yarn 100g - Chocolate230,- CZK
AY-064Tekapo Yarn 100g - Coffee230,- CZK
AY-052Tekapo Yarn 100g - Orange230,- CZK
AY-065Tekapo Yarn 100g - Yellow230,- CZK
AY-050Tekapo Yarn 100g - Moss230,- CZK
AY-035Tekapo Yarn 100g - Lime230,- CZK
AY-014Tekapo Yarn 100g - Dark Green230,- CZK
AY-069Tekapo Yarn 100g - Emerald230,- CZK
AY-066Tekapo Yarn 100g - Royal Blue230,- CZK
AY-037Tekapo Yarn 100g - Teal230,- CZK
AY-011Tekapo Yarn 100g - Navy Blue230,- CZK
AY-012Tekapo Yarn 100g - Ocean230,- CZK
AY-067Tekapo Yarn 100g - Denim230,- CZK
AY-071Tekapo Yarn 100g - Violet230,- CZK
AY-051Tekapo Yarn 100g - Grape230,- CZK
AY-070Tekapo Yarn 100g - Amethyst230,- CZK
AY-008Tekapo Yarn 100g - Traditional Red230,- CZK
AY-009Tekapo Yarn 100g - Dark Red230,- CZK
AY-057Tekapo Yarn 100g - Berry230,- CZK
AY-045Tekapo Yarn 100g - Flash230,- CZK
AY-073Tekapo Yarn 100g - Pink230,- CZK
AY-072Tekapo Yarn 100g - Mauve230,- CZK
AY-068Tekapo Yarn 100g - Light Blue230,- CZK
AY-004Tekapo Yarn 100g - White230,- CZK
AY-042Tekapo Yarn 100g - Natural Light230,- CZK
AY-043Tekapo Yarn 100g - Natural Medium230,- CZK
AY-044Tekapo Yarn 100g - Natural Dark230,- CZK
AY-001Tekapo Yarn 100g - Black230,- CZK
AYR-061Tekapo Yarn 100g - Forest240,- CZK
AYR-231Tekapo Yarn 100g - Moonstone240,- CZK
AYR-232Tekapo Yarn 100g - Evergreen240,- CZK
AYR-233Tekapo Yarn 100g - Aqua Marine240,- CZK
AYR-234Tekapo Yarn 100g - Moroccan240,- CZK
AYR-235Tekapo Yarn 100g - Sherbet240,- CZK

Tekapo Yarn is 100% pure New Zealand wool. This semi worsted yarn is a blend of corriedale and perendale especially designed for softness and strength. It is lofty and bulky and ideal for knitting, weaving and knit/felt garments and accessories.
The yarn is named after the beautiful Lake Tekapo, in magnificent nature of the South Island New Zealand, near Ashburton.
Lake Tekapo

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