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Table loom

Ashford Table Loom

Table loom

Weaving widths: 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm
Depth folded: 18 cm
Weight: from 7 kg (15.5 lb)
Choose from four, eight or sixteen harness
Reed - stainless steel 40/10 - 10 dpi
Texsolv heddles
Lacquer finish; 2 shuttles
Rubber feet,no need for clamps

Two shutles included.
You need buy besides the aid for warping (warping frame or warping mill or warping peg).


and treadle kit fold flat. Loom fits into stand - no screws needed. Strong frame with two shelves.
The treadle kit (set of 4 pedals for lifting individual heddle frames) is an optional accessory from May 2018, so you need to order it as a separate item.
Prices include tax
ES410N Table Loom 8 shaft 41cmES410N19 156,- CZK
ES610N Table Loom 8 shaft 61cmES610N20 167,- CZK
ES800N Table Loom 8 shaft 80cmES800N21 513,- CZK
FS610N Table Loom 4 shaft 61cmFS610N19 156,- CZK
TLS4 Loom Stand 40cmTLS48 831,- CZK
TLS6 Loom Stand 60cmTLS69 251,- CZK
TLS8 Loom Stand 80cmTLS89 671,- CZK
TLTK Set of 4 treadles for table loomsTLTK2 524,- CZK
Prices include tax
ES410NTable Loom 8 shaft 41cm19 156,- CZK
ES610NTable Loom 8 shaft 61cm20 167,- CZK
ES800NTable Loom 8 shaft 80cm21 513,- CZK
FS610NTable Loom 4 shaft 61cm19 156,- CZK
TLS4Loom Stand 40cm8 831,- CZK
TLS6Loom Stand 60cm9 251,- CZK
TLS8Loom Stand 80cm9 671,- CZK
TLTKSet of 4 treadles for table looms2 524,- CZK

Unfinished pattern
Classical loom with four or eight harness and steel reed. As well as a number of other products, it got by several development stages in Ashford workshop and its present appearance is a result of excellent idea and precision facture.
Vertically tilted
At first sight unusual method of hanging reed provides to this loom a possibility to be tilted up to unbelievable 18 cm, even with threaded warp.
By contrast handicapped people can appreciate the possibility to overmaster whole the weaving only by hands.
A possibility of additional buying the tilting stand and treadle kit is the next advantage of this loom. The lifting harness by treadles is naturally faster, because your hands are free.
The most sought-after 80 cm wide loom weights 14,6 kg in four shaft version and 18 kg with eight harness. For completeness - the same width stand weights 9,2 kg.
Tilted loom
You don't need to worry to warping this loom, because the detailed and telling instructions are included. If you despite of all it need some assistance, our help is available, it would be best on our weaving classes.
What more to say? Well, if you want have a true loom and you haven't much place, you will hardly search better solution then buying this Table Loom.

The looms are supplied disassembled in a box. Installation is not included in the price.

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