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If you can't wash, dye and card the wool yourself, we offer you prepared color and natural sliver - wool fibre for spinning, felting and other purposes.
Minimal order of one colour is 20 or 25g and for sending is minimal amount total 100g. někde také česanky

Merino sliver 22 micron

MS-035 Merino sliver HONEY 20gMS-03542,- CZK
MS-031 Merino sliver APRICOT 20gMS-03142,- CZK
MS-036 Merino sliver BUTTERSCOTCH 20gMS-03642,- CZK
MS-037 Merino sliver TOFEE 20gMS-03742,- CZK
MS-048 Merino sliver TANGERINE 20gMS-04842,- CZK
MS-003 Merino sliver CHEESECAKE 20gMS-00342,- CZK
MS-027 Merino sliver YELLOW 20gMS-02742,- CZK
MS-047 Merino sliver RASPBERRY 20gMS-04742,- CZK
MS-012 Merino sliver STRAWBERRY 20gMS-01242,- CZK
MS-046 Merino sliver PANSY 20gMS-04642,- CZK
MS-028 Merino sliver SCARLET 20gMS-02842,- CZK
MS-029 Merino sliver BLUSH 20gMS-02942,- CZK
MS-020 Merino sliver CHOCOLATE 20gMS-02042,- CZK
MS-030 Merino sliver ICE 20gMS-03042,- CZK
MS-013 Merino sliver BLUEBERRY PIE 20gMS-01342,- CZK
MS-021 Merino sliver BLUE 20gMS-02142,- CZK
MS-025 Merino sliver PURPLE 20gMS-02542,- CZK
MS-033 Merino sliver CUPCAKE 20gMS-03342,- CZK
MS-034 Merino sliver LAVENDER 20gMS-03442,- CZK
MS-008 Merino sliver GRAPE JELLY 20gMS-00842,- CZK
MS-023 Merino sliver MAGENTA 20gMS-02342,- CZK
MS-032 Merino sliver MINT 20gMS-03242,- CZK
MS-043 Merino sliver LIME 20gMS-04342,- CZK
MS-019 Merino sliver BEAN SPROUT 20gMS-01942,- CZK
MS-007 Merino sliver SPEARMINT 20gMS-00742,- CZK
MS-004 Merino sliver GREEN TEA 20gMS-00442,- CZK
MS-042 Merino sliver LAGOON 20gMS-04242,- CZK
MS-041 Merino sliver INDIGO 20gMS-04142,- CZK
WMSL Merino sliver white 20 gWMSL37,- CZK
LMSL Merino sliver natural light 20gLMSL37,- CZK
MMSL Merino sliver natural medium 20gMMSL37,- CZK
DMSL Merino sliver natural dark 20gDMSL37,- CZK
MS-014 Merino sliver LICQUORICE 20gMS-01442,- CZK
MS-016 Merino sliver GREY 20gMS-01642,- CZK
MS-040 Merino Sliver Candy Floss 20gMS-04042,- CZK
MS-045 Merino sliver LEMON 20gMS-04542,- CZK
MS-018 Merino Sliver Cookie 20gMS-01842,- CZK
MS-026 Merino Sliver Turquoise 20gMS-02642,- CZK
MS-039 Merino Sliver Aubergine 20gMS-03942,- CZK
MS-050 Merino Sliver Amethyst 20gMS-05042,- CZK
MS-049 Merino Sliver CHERRY-RED 20gMS-04942,- CZK
MS-038 Merino Sliver Olive 20gMS-03842,- CZK
MS-051 Merino Sliver Fern-Green 20gMS-05142,- CZK
MS-006 Merino PUMPKIN PIE 20gMS-00642,- CZK
MS-024 Merino ORANGE 20gMS-02442,- CZK
MS-009 Merino NUTMEG 20gMS-00942,- CZK
MS-015 Merino CHILLI PEPPER 20gMS-01542,- CZK
MS-052 Merino ORCHID 20gMS-05242,- CZK
MS-011 Merino MARSHMALLOW 20gMS-01142,- CZK
MS-044 Merino LILAC 20gMS-04442,- CZK
MS-010 Merino BUBBLEGUM 20gMS-01042,- CZK
MS-001 Merino KIWIFRUIT 20gMS-00142,- CZK
MS-022 Merino GREEN 20gMS-02242,- CZK
MS-053 Merino FLURO LIME 20gMS-05342,- CZK
MS-054 Merino FLURO ORANGE 20gMS-05442,- CZK
MS-055 Merino FLURO PINK 20gMS-05542,- CZK
MS-056 Merino FLURO YELLOW 20gMS-05642,- CZK
MS-057 Merino FLURO BLUE 20gMS-05742,- CZK
MS-058 Merino FOG 20gMS-05842,- CZK
Merino sliver 22 micron

Prices include tax
MSMerino sliver coloured 20g42,- CZK * 
LMSLMerino sliver natural light 20g37,- CZK
MMSLMerino sliver natural medium 20g37,- CZK
DMSLMerino sliver natural dark 20g37,- CZK
WMSLMerino sliver white 20 g37,- CZK
(*) Specify colour clicking on it
(**)Amounts over 1kg order please via e-mail

Corriedale sliver 27 - 30 micron

DSL-033 Corriedale sliver CUPCAKE 20gDSL-03328,- CZK
DSL-040 Corriedale sliver CANDY FLOSS 20gDSL-04028,- CZK
DSL-034 Corriedale sliver LAVENDER 20gDSL-03428,- CZK
DSL-030 Corriedale sliver ICE 20gDSL-03028,- CZK
DSL-010 Corriedale sliver BUBBLEGUM 20gDSL-01028,- CZK
DSL-032 Corriedale sliver MINT 20gDSL-03228,- CZK
DSL-019 Corriedale sliver BEAN SPROUT 20gDSL-01928,- CZK
DSL-035 Corriedale sliver HONEY 20gDSL-03528,- CZK
DSL-003 Corriedale sliver CHEESECAKE 20gDSL-00328,- CZK
DSL-011 Corriedale sliver MARSHMALLOW 20gDSL-01128,- CZK
DSL-046 Corriedale sliver PANSY 20gDSL-04628,- CZK
DSL-008 Corriedale sliver GRAPE JELLY 20gDSL-00828,- CZK
DSL-044 Corriedale sliver LILAC 20gDSL-04428,- CZK
DSL-042 Corriedale sliver LAGOON 20gDSL-04228,- CZK
DSL-001 Corriedale sliver KIWI FRUIT 20gDSL-00128,- CZK
DSL-043 Corriedale sliver LIME 20gDSL-04328,- CZK
DSL-045 Corriedale sliver LEMON 20gDSL-04528,- CZK
DSL-018 Corriedale sliver COOKIE 20gDSL-01828,- CZK
DSL-012 Corriedale sliver STRAWBERRY 20gDSL-01228,- CZK
DSL-023 Corriedale sliver MAGENTA 20gDSL-02328,- CZK
DSL-025 Corriedale sliver PURPLE 20gDSL-02528,- CZK
DSL-013 Corriedale sliver BLUEBERRY PIE 20gDSL-01328,- CZK
DSL-021 Corriedale sliver BLUE 20gDSL-02128,- CZK
DSL-026 Corriedale sliver TURQUOISE 20gDSL-02628,- CZK
DSL-022 Corriedale sliver GREEN 20gDSL-02228,- CZK
DSL-027 Corriedale sliver YELLOW 20gDSL-02728,- CZK
DSL-036 Corriedale sliver BUTTERSCOTCH 20gDSL-03628,- CZK
DSL-047 Corriedale sliver RASPBERRY 20gDSL-04728,- CZK
DSL-005 DSL-005***,- CZK
DSL-014 Corriedale sliver LIQUORICE 20gDSL-01428,- CZK
DSL-020 Corriedale sliver CHOCOLATE 20gDSL-02028,- CZK
DSL-002 Corriedale sliver JELLY BEAN 20gDSL-00228,- CZK
DSL-041 Corriedale sliver INDIGO 20gDSL-04128,- CZK
DSL-007 Corriedale sliver SPEARMINT 20gDSL-00728,- CZK
DSL-004 Corriedale sliver GREEN TEA 20gDSL-00428,- CZK
DSL-037 Corriedale sliver TOFFEE 20gDSL-03728,- CZK
DSL-029 Corriedale sliver BLUSH 20gDSL-02928,- CZK
DSL-031 Corriedale sliver APRICOT 20gDSL-03128,- CZK
DSL-048 Corriedale sliver TANGERINE 20gDSL-04828,- CZK
DSL-024 Corriedale sliver ORANGE 20gDSL-02428,- CZK
DSL-017 Corriedale sliver PEACH 20gDSL-01728,- CZK
DSL-006 Corriedale sliver PUMPKIN PIE 20gDSL-00628,- CZK
DSL-009 Corriedale sliver NUTMEG 20gDSL-00928,- CZK
DSL-015 Corriedale sliver CHILLI PEPPER 20gDSL-01528,- CZK
DSL-028 Corriedale sliver SCARLET 20gDSL-02828,- CZK
DSL-016 Corriedale sliver GREY 20gDSL-01628,- CZK
WRSL Corriedale white sliver 20gWRSL26,- CZK
LCSL Corriedale sliver natural light 20gLCSL31,- CZK
DRSL Corriedale sliver natural dark 20gDRSL31,- CZK
DSL-039 Corriedale sliver AUBERGINE 20gDSL-03928,- CZK
DSL-050 Corriedale sliver AMETHYST 20gDSL-05028,- CZK
DSL-049 Corriedale sliver CHERRY-RED 20gDSL-04928,- CZK
DSL-038 Corriedale sliver OLIVE 20gDSL-03828,- CZK
DSL-051 Corriedale sliver FERN-GREEN 20gDSL-05128,- CZK
DSL-052 Corriedale sliver ORCHID 20gDSL-05228,- CZK
DSL-053 Corriedale sliver FLURO LIME 20gDSL-05328,- CZK
DSL-054 Corriedale sliver FLURO ORANGE 20gDSL-05428,- CZK
DSL-055 Corriedale sliver FLURO PINK 20gDSL-05528,- CZK
DSL-056 Corriedale sliver FLURO YELLOW 20gDSL-05628,- CZK
DSL-057 Corriedale sliver FLURO BLUE 20gDSL-05728,- CZK
DSL-058 Corriedale sliver FOG 20gDSL-05828,- CZK
DST-120 Corriedale sliver Spring-mornings 20gDST-12031,- CZK
DST-121 Corriedale sliver Autumn-dusk 20gDST-12131,- CZK
DST-122 Corriedale sliver Winter-nights 20gDST-12231,- CZK
DST-123 Corriedale sliver Summer-days 20gDST-12331,- CZK
Corriedale sliver 27 - 30 micron

Prices include tax
DSLColoured Corriedale sliver 20g28,- CZK * 
DSTCorriedale Sliver Stripey 20g31,- CZK * 
LCSLCorriedale sliver natural light 20g31,- CZK
DRSLCorriedale sliver natural dark 20g31,- CZK
WRSLCorriedale white sliver 20g26,- CZK
(*) Specify colour clicking on it
(**)Amounts over 1kg order please via e-mail

Luxury Fibres

WMCSL White Merino sliver 19 mic 20 gWMCSL43,- CZK
WPOSL Polwarth sliver 21 - 24 mic. white 20gWPOSL35,- CZK
AF10G Angelina fancy fibre 10g goldAF10G154,- CZK
AF10S Angelina fancy fibre 10g silverAF10S154,- CZK
LIN Linen Sliver 25grLIN54,- CZK
SILK Mulberry Silk Sliver 25 grSILK82,- CZK
SILKT Tussah Silk Sliver 25grSILKT78,- CZK
TENC Tencel 25 gTENC39,- CZK
TENC2 Tencel+Merino 18/82 25 gTENC255,- CZK
Luxury Fibres
Prices include tax
WPOSLPolwarth sliver 21 - 24 mic. white 20g35,- CZK
AF10GAngelina fancy fibre 10g gold154,- CZK
AF10SAngelina fancy fibre 10g silver154,- CZK
LINLinen Sliver 25gr54,- CZK
SILKMulberry Silk Sliver 25 gr82,- CZK
SILKTTussah Silk Sliver 25gr78,- CZK
TENCTencel 25 g39,- CZK
TENC2Tencel+Merino 18/82 25 g55,- CZK
(*) Specify colour clicking on it
(**)Amounts over 1kg order please via e-mail

Merino Silk Blend

SM-098 Merino Silk Blend Juniper 25 gSM-09862,- CZK
SM-099 Merino Silk Blend Pomegranate 25 gSM-09962,- CZK
SM-100 Merino Silk Blend Saffron 25 gSM-10062,- CZK
SM-101 Merino Silk Blend Cinnamon 25 gSM-10162,- CZK
SM-102 Merino Silk Blend Peppercorns 25 gSM-10262,- CZK
SM-103 Merino Silk Blend Salvia 25 gSM-10362,- CZK
SM-104 Merino Silk Blend Mulberry 25 gSM-10462,- CZK
SM-105 Merino Silk Blend Poppy 25 gSM-10562,- CZK
SM-106 Merino Silk Blend Spice 25 gSM-10662,- CZK
SM-107 Merino Silk Blend Damson 25 gSM-10762,- CZK
SM-108 Merino Silk Blend Vanilla 25 gSM-10862,- CZK
SM-109 Merino Silk Blend Storm 25 gSM-10962,- CZK
SM-110 Merino Silk Blend Sunset 25 gSM-11062,- CZK
SM-111 Merino Silk Blend Sorbet 25 gSM-11162,- CZK
SM-112 Merino Silk Blend Gemstone 25 gSM-11262,- CZK
SM-113 Merino Silk Blend Flamingo 25 gSM-11362,- CZK
SM-114 Merino Silk Blend Berries 25 gSM-11462,- CZK
SM-115 Merino Silk Blend Skyscape 25 gSM-11562,- CZK
SM-116 Merino Silk Blend Avocado 25 gSM-11662,- CZK
SM-117 Merino Silk Blend Citrus 25 gSM-11762,- CZK
Merino Silk Blend 80% + 20%
Prices include tax
SMMerino Silk Blend 25 g62,- CZK * 
(*) Specify colour clicking on it
(**)Amounts over 1kg order please via e-mail

Alpaca Merino Blend

AM-300 Alpaca Merino Blend Frost 25gAM-30064,- CZK
AM-305 Alpaca Merino Blend Granite 25gAM-30564,- CZK
AM-325 Alpaca Merino Blend Moss 25gAM-32564,- CZK
AM-335 Alpaca Merino Blend Primrose 25gAM-33564,- CZK
AM-330 Alpaca Merino Blend Rowan Berry 25gAM-33064,- CZK
AM-320 Alpaca Merino Blend Rosehip 25gAM-32064,- CZK
AM-310 Alpaca Merino Blend Seamist 25gAM-31064,- CZK
AM-315 Alpaca Merino Blend Thistle 25gAM-31564,- CZK
Alpaca Merino Blend 30% + 70%
Prices include tax
AMAlpaca Merino Blend 25g64,- CZK * 
WSAMAlpaca+Silk+Merino Sliver 25g (30/20/50%)71,- CZK
WASWhite Alpaca Sliver 25 g72,- CZK
(*) Specify colour clicking on it
(**)Amounts over 1kg order please via e-mail

Prices include tax
WSAM Alpaca+Silk+Merino Sliver 25g (30/20/50%)WSAM71,- CZK
WAS White Alpaca Sliver 25 gWAS72,- CZK

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