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We arrange  spinning and weaving courses  for you.

We arrange
spinning and weaving courses
  for you.
The digest of currently offered courses (max. 2 persons in Prague)
22. 5. 2024 Prague Borivojova Spinning course
24. 5. 2024 Prague Borivojova Weaving course
5. 6. 2024 Prague Borivojova Weaving course
6. 6. 2024 Prague Borivojova Spinning course

Spinning or weaving courses in Prague are for max. 2 persons and they take place in our shop.
On the spinning classes we have 6 types of spinning-wheels, several drum carders, hand carders and all necessary equipment.
For weaving courses we use several rigid heddle looms and multiple harness looms, also with all needed accessories.
Wool for spinning and yarn for weaving is included in the price.
The price of spinning or weaving course for one participant is CZK 2700 including VAT. From this amount you will be refunded CZK 500 in the form of a discount on spinning-wheel, loom or drum carder, if you make the purchase within 6 months from the date of the course. The order of purchasing the equipment and the course can also be reversed, i.e. you can apply the mentioned discount for the course if you register for the course within 6 months from the date of purchase. The condition for this discount is proof of course completion or purchasing equipment (proof of sale/invoice).
The weaving is beautiful and interesting. But succumbing to the magic of running spinning-wheel can be also very interesting. Don't worry it is difficult. Riding a bicycle, swimming and skating is also difficult. But the joy, when you overcome the first heaviness and you begin to win! If you have a mind to do it, you should try it. There isn't much opportunity to master this skill.
You can try spinning on different spinning-wheels to find out which one is the best for you. You will hear about preparing wool for spinning and more additional interests. So don't wait and let us know.
The course includes the preparation (washing, carding) of wool for spinning, spinning and plying. Textbooks and material are included in the course.
You will learn the warping of rigid heddle loom and 4-shaft loom on the waeving course and weaving techniques.

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