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Accessories of Traditional            

Accessories of Traditional spinning-wheel

Lazy Kate
Included Accessories

Lazy Kate and 4 Bobbins

All spin-wheels include simple Lazy Kate for plying - twisting two or more singles into one thread of yarn, which then doesn't twist and make loops.

Optional Accessories
Single drive and double drive spinning-wheels are different (see the pictures).
Double drive system makes possible spinning by the all three ways - Scotch tension, Irish tension (bobbin lead) and double drive.

Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit [BJFU]

Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit

Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit [BJFU]

is intended for spinning thick chunky yarns. There is only need to change the front maid and to put in this flyer with the Jumbo bobbin. Ratios 4.5:1 and 9:1.

Prices include tax
BJFU Basic Jumbo Flyer UnitBJFU2 735,- CZK

Sliding Hook Flyer Jumbo Double Drive [SHFJDD]

Sliding Hook Flyer Jumbo Double Drive

Sliding Hook Flyer Jumbo Double Drive [SHFJDD]

Fibreglass arms make this flyer light and strong. Orifice 15mm. The flyer is available natural or lacquer and includes one bobbin. Update your double drive Traditional, Traveller and Elizabeth spinning wheels. Kit also includes reducer bush so you can use your standard flyer without changing bearings.
Elizabeth 5, 5.5, 6.5
Traditional 4.5, 5.3, 6
Traveller 4, 4.5, 5

Prices include tax
SHFJDD Jumbo Double Drive Sliding Hook Flyer & BobbinSHFJDD3 346,- CZK
SHFJDDL Jumbo sliding hook flyer double drive lacqueredSHFJDDL3 704,- CZK

Double Treadle Kit [DTKTD]

Double treadle

Double Treadle Kit [DTKTD]

Easier Treadling & More Even Spinning.
Complete update, new crank, conrods, treadle boards and more power!

Prices include tax
DTKTD Double Treadle Kit TraditionalDTKTD4 835,- CZK
Prices include tax
BJFUBasic Jumbo Flyer Unit2 735,- CZK
SHFJDDJumbo Double Drive Sliding Hook Flyer & Bobbin3 346,- CZK
SHFJDDLJumbo sliding hook flyer double drive lacquered3 704,- CZK
DTKTDDouble Treadle Kit Traditional4 835,- CZK

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