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Accessories of Table Loom

Accessories of Table Loom

Included Accessories
Included 10 dpi - 40/10cm reed, 2 shuttles, threading hook and weaving guide.

Optional Accessories

Reeds 6, 8, 12 a 16 dpi

Available densities - 6, 8, 10, 12 a 16 dpi (the reed 10 dpi is included). When ordering, please specify the required density in the note.
Reeds with smaller density are suitable for weaving thicker materials (wool, craft yarns), higher density is for finer yarns (cotton, linen).

Prices include tax
REED4 Steel Reed 40cmREED41 650,- CZK
REED6 Steel Reed 60cmREED62 036,- CZK
REED8 Steel Reed 80cmREED82 662,- CZK
Second back beam

Second back beam [SBB]

2nd back roller and beam. Combine different fibres for perfect tension.
Seemingly unimportant possibility of additional installation the second back beam provides to this loom an ability enhancement not usual in this range. It makes possible to get the other material yarns into your warps without any problems with their tense.

Prices include tax
SBB4 Second Back Beam 40cmSBB42 192,- CZK
SBB6 Second Back Beam 60cmSBB62 320,- CZK
SBB8 Second Back Beam 80cmSBB82 469,- CZK

Stick shuttles [SHTL]

Stick shuttles You will get two stick shuttles with your new loom like the included accessories. We recommend you to buy some next shuttles, because you can easily weave narrower things and you will often need to use more colours into your weft.

Prices include tax
SHTL1 Stick Shuttle 15 cm (6 inch)SHTL165,- CZK
SHTL2 Stick Shuttle 26 cm (10 inch)SHTL276,- CZK
SHTL3 Stick Shuttle 36 cm (14 inch)SHTL396,- CZK
SHTL4 Stick Shuttle 46 cm (18 inch)SHTL4116,- CZK
SHTL5 Stick Shuttle 56 cm (22 inch)SHTL5126,- CZK
SHTL8 Stick Shuttle 80 cm (32 inch)SHTL8148,- CZK

Warping frame and Warping mill

With both the same aids you can warp looms by 11m (frame) or 15m (mill) long warp. Without them you will need a long room and you will have go far with the thread. The frame can be disassembled, the mill is folding, so they don't take much room if asided.
Warping frame Warping mill
Prices include tax
WF11 Warping FrameWF112 607,- CZK
WM Warping MillWM4 517,- CZK
WPCLP Warping Peg & ClampWPCLP456,- CZK

Raddle Kit [RK]

Raddle Kit
For quick, easy and fuss free warping of table loom.
Available for all Ashford table looms
      30 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm a 80 cm
Kit includes:
Raddle with steel pins spaces 12.5 mm (1/2 in) apart
2 steel rings
stretchy helping hands
20 cardboard warpsticks
Learn to weave on the Table loom booklet

Prices include tax
RK3 Raddle Kit 30cmRK31 056,- CZK
RK4 Raddle Kit 40cmRK41 306,- CZK
RK6 Raddle Kit 60cmRK61 542,- CZK
RK8 Raddle Kit 80cmRK81 780,- CZK

Warp thread weights [WTW]

Warp thread weights Warp thread weights Warp thread weights
Use these handy warp thread weights to hold floating selvedges, supplementary or broken warp threads under tension while you weave. Designed to hold long lengths of warp thread around the central spool. Includes hooks on both ends and multiple steel weights to vary the tension on your yarn. Lacquered. Sold in pairs.
Warp thread weights
Prices include tax
WTW Warp thread weightsWTW576,- CZK

Reed and heddle hook [RHKP]

Reed and heddle hook
Strong and flexible acetal nylon threading hook for threading your rigid heddle or table loom.

Prices include tax
RHKP Reed and heddle hookRHKP66,- CZK
TLTK Set of 4 treadles for table loomsTLTK2 404,- CZK
TX220/40 Texsolv Heddles 40 pcsTX220/40165,- CZK
Prices include tax
REED4Steel Reed 40cm1 650,- CZK
REED6Steel Reed 60cm2 036,- CZK
REED8Steel Reed 80cm2 662,- CZK
SBB4Second Back Beam 40cm2 192,- CZK
SBB6Second Back Beam 60cm2 320,- CZK
SBB8Second Back Beam 80cm2 469,- CZK
SHTL1Stick Shuttle 15 cm (6 inch)65,- CZK
SHTL2Stick Shuttle 26 cm (10 inch)76,- CZK
SHTL3Stick Shuttle 36 cm (14 inch)96,- CZK
SHTL4Stick Shuttle 46 cm (18 inch)116,- CZK
SHTL5Stick Shuttle 56 cm (22 inch)126,- CZK
SHTL8Stick Shuttle 80 cm (32 inch)148,- CZK
WF11Warping Frame2 607,- CZK
WMWarping Mill4 517,- CZK
WPCLPWarping Peg & Clamp456,- CZK
RK3Raddle Kit 30cm1 056,- CZK
RK4Raddle Kit 40cm1 306,- CZK
RK6Raddle Kit 60cm1 542,- CZK
RK8Raddle Kit 80cm1 780,- CZK
WTWWarp thread weights576,- CZK
RHKPReed and heddle hook66,- CZK
TX220/40Texsolv Heddles 40 pcs165,- CZK
TLTKSet of 4 treadles for table looms2 404,- CZK

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