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Drop Spindles

Classic Spindle

Classic Drop Spindle

This spindle is a good all rounder for beginners and spinners making medium weight yarns. The spindle weighs 90gms (3oz). Without wood finishing.

Prices include tax
DS Classic Drop SpindleDS511,- CZK
Turkish Spindle

Turkish Spindle

This is a fun way to make a perfect ball of original handspun yarn. The crossbars slide away to leave the ball yarn intact, and weighs 50 gm. Without wood finishing.

Prices include tax
DSTK Turkish SpindleDSTK844,- CZK
Top Whorl Spindle

Top Whorl Spindle

These spindles are well balanced, have strong spring wire hooks bent to help keep your yarn from arcing out of the hook. The spindles are lightly finished with lacquer. The long shafts help to balance the spindle and allow for "down the thigh" propulsion for high speed spinning.
Sizes available:

      90 mm (3 1/2"), 80 gm (2 3/4 ozs)
      80 mm (3 1/8"), 50 gm (1 3/4 ozs)
      70 mm (2 3/4"), 35 gm (1 1/4 ozs)
      60 mm (2 3/8"), 20 gm (3/4 oz)
      50mm (2"), 15 gm (1/2 oz)

Prices include tax
TWS9 Top Whorl Spindle 90 mmTWS9673,- CZK
TWS8 Top Whorl Spindle 80 mmTWS8615,- CZK
TWS7 Top Whorl Spindle 70 mmTWS7570,- CZK
TWS6 Top Whorl Spindle 60 mmTWS6536,- CZK
TWS5 Top Whorl Spindle 50 mmTWS5503,- CZK
Student Top Whorl Spindle

Student Top Whorl Spindle

Reasonably priced and ideal for teachers needing spindles for teaching. Without wood finishing.

Prices include tax
DSS Student Top Whorl SpindleDSS406,- CZK
Prices include tax
DSClassic Drop Spindle511,- CZK
DSTKTurkish Spindle844,- CZK
TWS9Top Whorl Spindle 90 mm673,- CZK
TWS8Top Whorl Spindle 80 mm615,- CZK
TWS7Top Whorl Spindle 70 mm570,- CZK
TWS6Top Whorl Spindle 60 mm536,- CZK
TWS5Top Whorl Spindle 50 mm503,- CZK
DSSStudent Top Whorl Spindle406,- CZK

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