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Dyeing wool

Dyes for wool

3 Rainbow Dye Kit

3 Rainbow Dye Kit [AWDRC/AWDRC50]

Contains 3 primary colours, Scarlet, Blue and Yellow + one pot dyeing instructions. Available in 10gm or 50gm bottles.

Prices include tax
AWDRC Rainbow Dye Kit 3x10gAWDRC625,- CZK
AWDRC50 Rainbow Dye Kit 3x50gAWDRC501 465,- CZK

12 Colour Pack [AWDC12]

Contains 12 X 10gm bottles. The full range of vibrant colours.
12 Colour Pack
Prices include tax
AWDC12 12 Colour Pack 12x10gAWDC121 800,- CZK
Ashford Wool Dye 10/50/250gm

Ashford Wool Dye 10/50/250gm [AD10/50/250]

You can order each colour of the previous kit, available in 10gm, 50gm or 250gm bottles. You can reach clear, vibrant or undertone colours, using various dyeing procedure. 10gm is the sufficient amount for dyeing of 1kg wool to full color saturation.
12 Colour Pack
Prices include tax
ADB10 Ashford Wool Dye Blue 10 gmADB10166,- CZK
ADBL10 Ashford Wool Dye Black 10 gmADBL10166,- CZK
ADBR10 Ashford Wool Dye Brown 10 gmADBR10166,- CZK
ADE10 Ashford Wool Dye Emerald 10 gmADE10166,- CZK
ADG10 Ashford Wool Dye Green 10 gmADG10166,- CZK
ADHP10 Ashford Wool Dye Hot Pink 10 gmADHP10166,- CZK
ADNB10 Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 10 gmADNB10166,- CZK
ADP10 Ashford Wool Dye Purple 10 gmADP10166,- CZK
ADR10 Ashford Wool Dye Rust 10 gmADR10166,- CZK
ADS10 Ashford Wool Dye Scarlet 10 gmADS10166,- CZK
ADT10 Ashford Wool Dye Teal 10 gmADT10166,- CZK
ADY10 Ashford Wool Dye Yellow 10 gmADY10166,- CZK
ADB50 Ashford Wool Dye Blue 50 gmADB50490,- CZK
ADBL50 Ashford Wool Dye Black 50 gmADBL50490,- CZK
ADBR50 Ashford Wool Dye Brown 50 gmADBR50490,- CZK
ADE50 Ashford Wool Dye Emerald 50 gmADE50490,- CZK
ADG50 Ashford Wool Dye Green 50 gmADG50490,- CZK
ADHP50 Ashford Wool Dye Hot Pink 50 gmADHP50490,- CZK
ADNB50 Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 50 gmADNB50490,- CZK
ADP50 Ashford Wool Dye Purple 50 gmADP50490,- CZK
ADR50 Ashford Wool Dye Rust 50 gmADR50490,- CZK
ADS50 Ashford Wool Dye Scarlet 50 gmADS50490,- CZK
ADT50 Ashford Wool Dye Teal 50 gmADT50490,- CZK
ADY50 Ashford Wool Dye Yellow 50 gmADY50490,- CZK
ADB250 Ashford Wool Dye Blue 250 gmADB2501 987,- CZK
ADBL250 Ashford Wool Dye Black 250 gmADBL2501 987,- CZK
ADBR250 Ashford Wool Dye Brown 250 gmADBR2501 987,- CZK
ADE250 Ashford Wool Dye Emerald 250 gmADE2501 987,- CZK
ADG250 Ashford Wool Dye Green 250 gmADG2501 987,- CZK
ADHP250 Ashford Wool Dye Hot Pink 250 gmADHP2501 987,- CZK
ADNB250 Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 250 gmADNB2501 987,- CZK
ADP250 Ashford Wool Dye Purple 250 gmADP2501 987,- CZK
ADR250 Ashford Wool Dye Rust 250 gmADR2501 987,- CZK
ADS250 Ashford Wool Dye Scarlet 250 gmADS2501 987,- CZK
ADT250 Ashford Wool Dye Teal 250 gmADT2501 987,- CZK
ADY250 Ashford Wool Dye Yellow 250 gmADY2501 987,- CZK
Prices include tax
AWDRCRainbow Dye Kit 3x10g625,- CZK
AWDRC50Rainbow Dye Kit 3x50g1 465,- CZK
AWDC1212 Colour Pack 12x10g1 800,- CZK
ADB10Ashford Wool Dye Blue 10 gm166,- CZK
ADBL10Ashford Wool Dye Black 10 gm166,- CZK
ADBR10Ashford Wool Dye Brown 10 gm166,- CZK
ADE10Ashford Wool Dye Emerald 10 gm166,- CZK
ADG10Ashford Wool Dye Green 10 gm166,- CZK
ADHP10Ashford Wool Dye Hot Pink 10 gm166,- CZK
ADNB10Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 10 gm166,- CZK
ADP10Ashford Wool Dye Purple 10 gm166,- CZK
ADR10Ashford Wool Dye Rust 10 gm166,- CZK
ADS10Ashford Wool Dye Scarlet 10 gm166,- CZK
ADT10Ashford Wool Dye Teal 10 gm166,- CZK
ADY10Ashford Wool Dye Yellow 10 gm166,- CZK
ADB50Ashford Wool Dye Blue 50 gm490,- CZK
ADBL50Ashford Wool Dye Black 50 gm490,- CZK
ADBR50Ashford Wool Dye Brown 50 gm490,- CZK
ADE50Ashford Wool Dye Emerald 50 gm490,- CZK
ADG50Ashford Wool Dye Green 50 gm490,- CZK
ADHP50Ashford Wool Dye Hot Pink 50 gm490,- CZK
ADNB50Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 50 gm490,- CZK
ADP50Ashford Wool Dye Purple 50 gm490,- CZK
ADR50Ashford Wool Dye Rust 50 gm490,- CZK
ADS50Ashford Wool Dye Scarlet 50 gm490,- CZK
ADT50Ashford Wool Dye Teal 50 gm490,- CZK
ADY50Ashford Wool Dye Yellow 50 gm490,- CZK
ADB250Ashford Wool Dye Blue 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADBL250Ashford Wool Dye Black 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADBR250Ashford Wool Dye Brown 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADE250Ashford Wool Dye Emerald 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADG250Ashford Wool Dye Green 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADHP250Ashford Wool Dye Hot Pink 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADNB250Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADP250Ashford Wool Dye Purple 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADR250Ashford Wool Dye Rust 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADS250Ashford Wool Dye Scarlet 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADT250Ashford Wool Dye Teal 250 gm1 987,- CZK
ADY250Ashford Wool Dye Yellow 250 gm1 987,- CZK
Silk samples dyed by 12 Colour Pack
Tencel samples dyed by 12 Colour Pack

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