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Dyeing wool

Dyes for wool

Ashford wool paints are designed to dye protein fibers, so you can also dye silk, cashmere, mohair, angora, llamas, alpaca, dog and cat fur, and even feathers. They will not work on plant materials such as cotton, flax, nettle, bamboo, hemp.
They are easy to use, safe and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The colors are clean, vibrant and very economical, you only need 10 g of dye to dye 1 kg of wool. You can buy complete color sets according to the following offer or even separately individual colors. These are available in packs of 10 g and 100 g. The delivery includes detailed and clear instructions for coloring.
Colors may vary. Different fibers/yarns may not always be the same color. Staining techniques and individual materials can cause variations. The displays of computers, tablets, and cell phones may also display colors differently.

Introduction to Dyeing Kit [IDK]

Introduction to Dyeing Kit
It contains four colors - Hot Pink, Blue, Yellow and Black plus a clear coloring guide, according to which you can create practically all other colors from these colors. Each of the 10-gram color packs is enough to dye 1 kg of wool at full saturation, so this set is enough for dyeing up to 4 kg of wool, for pastel shades even more (the color is thinner more).
In addition to the colors, the set also contains 2 x 100gm skeins of yarn - 75% wool 25% nylon, 4 ply fingering weight, 100gm net at standard condition / 400m (437yds), machine washable, tension 10cm (4”) square =26–28 sts x 36 rows 2.75 – 3.25mm (2 – 3 us).

Prices include tax
IDK Introduction to Dyeing KitIDK1 198,- CZK
Primary Colour Kit

Primary Colour Kit[APD3PK]

Contains 3 primary colours (of the historical RYB model still used by artists) - Red, blue (Sapphire) and yellow (Bright Yellow) in 10gm bottles + one pot dyeing instructions.

Prices include tax
APD3PK Ashford Dye 3 x 10 gm Pack - Primary coloursAPD3PK530,- CZK
CMYK colour kit

CMYK colour kit[APD4PK]

The set contains 4 colors of the CMYK color model, which is used in professional and computer printers. This set consists of Turquoise (closest to Cyan), Bright Pink (Magenta), Bright Yellow (Yellow) and Coal (Black), in 10gm bottles + one pot dyeing instructions.

Prices include tax
APD4PK Ashford Dye 4 x 10 gm Pack - CMYK coloursAPD4PK706,- CZK

12 Colour Pack[APD12PK]

12 Colour Pack
12 colors have been carefully selected for this set, by mixing which it is possible to create a wide range of hues. Contains 12 x 10gm bottles.
12 Colour Pack
Prices include tax
APD12PK Ashford Dye 12 x 10gm PackAPD12PK1 918,- CZK

Ashford Wool Dye 10/50/250gm

You can now order colors from the previously sold set of 12 colors individually, in packages of 10 g, 50 g or 250 g. For these colors sold out, we no longer have the option to order.
12 Colour Pack
Prices include tax
ADB10 Ashford Wool Dye Blue 10 gmADB10177,- CZK
ADBL10 Ashford Wool Dye Black 10 gmADBL10177,- CZK
ADBR10 Ashford Wool Dye Brown 10 gmADBR10177,- CZK
ADE10 Ashford Wool Dye Emerald 10 gmADE10177,- CZK
ADG10 Ashford Wool Dye Green 10 gmADG10177,- CZK
ADHP10 Ashford Wool Dye Hot Pink 10 gmADHP10177,- CZK
ADNB10 Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 10 gmADNB10177,- CZK
ADP10 Ashford Wool Dye Purple 10 gmADP10177,- CZK
ADR10 Ashford Wool Dye Rust 10 gmADR10177,- CZK
ADT10 Ashford Wool Dye Teal 10 gmADT10177,- CZK
ADY10 Ashford Wool Dye Yellow 10 gmADY10177,- CZK
ADB50 Ashford Wool Dye Blue 50 gmADB50505,- CZK
ADNB50 Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 50 gmADNB50505,- CZK
ADP50 Ashford Wool Dye Purple 50 gmADP50505,- CZK
ADR50 Ashford Wool Dye Rust 50 gmADR50505,- CZK
ADT50 Ashford Wool Dye Teal 50 gmADT50505,- CZK
Prices include tax
IDKIntroduction to Dyeing Kit1 198,- CZK
APD3PKAshford Dye 3 x 10 gm Pack - Primary colours530,- CZK
APD4PKAshford Dye 4 x 10 gm Pack - CMYK colours706,- CZK
APD12PKAshford Dye 12 x 10gm Pack1 918,- CZK
ADB10Ashford Wool Dye Blue 10 gm177,- CZK
ADBL10Ashford Wool Dye Black 10 gm177,- CZK
ADBR10Ashford Wool Dye Brown 10 gm177,- CZK
ADE10Ashford Wool Dye Emerald 10 gm177,- CZK
ADG10Ashford Wool Dye Green 10 gm177,- CZK
ADHP10Ashford Wool Dye Hot Pink 10 gm177,- CZK
ADNB10Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 10 gm177,- CZK
ADP10Ashford Wool Dye Purple 10 gm177,- CZK
ADR10Ashford Wool Dye Rust 10 gm177,- CZK
ADT10Ashford Wool Dye Teal 10 gm177,- CZK
ADY10Ashford Wool Dye Yellow 10 gm177,- CZK
ADB50Ashford Wool Dye Blue 50 gm505,- CZK
ADNB50Ashford Wool Dye Navy Blue 50 gm505,- CZK
ADP50Ashford Wool Dye Purple 50 gm505,- CZK
ADR50Ashford Wool Dye Rust 50 gm505,- CZK
ADT50Ashford Wool Dye Teal 50 gm505,- CZK
Silk samples dyed by 12 Colour Pack
Tencel samples dyed by 12 Colour Pack

Individual colors package 10 g

APDBY10 Ashford Wool Dye Bright Yellow 10 gmAPDBY10177,- CZK
APDG10 Ashford Wool Dye Gold 10 gmAPDG10177,- CZK
APDO10 Ashford Wool Dye Orange 10 gmAPDO10177,- CZK
APDR10 Ashford Wool Dye Red 10 gmAPDR10177,- CZK
APDF10 Ashford Wool Dye Fuchsia 10 gmAPDF10177,- CZK
APDBP10 Ashford Wool Dye Bright Pink 10 gmAPDBP10177,- CZK
APDV10 Ashford Wool Dye Violet 10 gmAPDV10177,- CZK
APDP10 Ashford Wool Dye Peacock 10 gmAPDP10177,- CZK
APDS10 Ashford Wool Dye Shamrock 10 gmAPDS10177,- CZK
APDSA10 Ashford Wool Dye Sapphire 10 gmAPDSA10177,- CZK
APDT10 Ashford Wool Dye Turquoise 10 gmAPDT10177,- CZK
APDI10 Ashford Wool Dye Indigo 10 gmAPDI10177,- CZK
APDCH10 Ashford Wool Dye Chocolate 10 gmAPDCH10177,- CZK
APDC10 Ashford Wool Dye Coal 10 gmAPDC10177,- CZK

Individual colors package 100 g

APDBY100 Ashford Wool Dye Bright Yellow 100 gmAPDBY100948,- CZK
APDG100 Ashford Wool Dye Gold 100 gmAPDG100948,- CZK
APDO100 Ashford Wool Dye Orange 100 gmAPDO100948,- CZK
APDR100 Ashford Wool Dye Red 100 gmAPDR100948,- CZK
APDF100 Ashford Wool Dye Fuchsia 100 gmAPDF100948,- CZK
APDBP100 Ashford Wool Dye Bright Pink 100 gmAPDBP100948,- CZK
APDV100 Ashford Wool Dye Violet 100 gmAPDV100948,- CZK
APDP100 Ashford Wool Dye Peacock 100 gmAPDP100948,- CZK
APDS100 Ashford Wool Dye Shamrock 100 gmAPDS100948,- CZK
APDSA100 Ashford Wool Dye Sapphire 100 gmAPDSA100948,- CZK
APDT100 Ashford Wool Dye Turquoise 100 gmAPDT100948,- CZK
APDI100 Ashford Wool Dye Indigo 100 gmAPDI100948,- CZK
APDCH100 Ashford Wool Dye Chocolate 100 gmAPDCH100948,- CZK
APDC100 Ashford Wool Dye Coal 100 gmAPDC100948,- CZK
Prices include tax
APDBY10Ashford Wool Dye Bright Yellow 10 gm177,- CZK
APDG10Ashford Wool Dye Gold 10 gm177,- CZK
APDO10Ashford Wool Dye Orange 10 gm177,- CZK
APDR10Ashford Wool Dye Red 10 gm177,- CZK
APDF10Ashford Wool Dye Fuchsia 10 gm177,- CZK
APDBP10Ashford Wool Dye Bright Pink 10 gm177,- CZK
APDV10Ashford Wool Dye Violet 10 gm177,- CZK
APDP10Ashford Wool Dye Peacock 10 gm177,- CZK
APDS10Ashford Wool Dye Shamrock 10 gm177,- CZK
APDSA10Ashford Wool Dye Sapphire 10 gm177,- CZK
APDT10Ashford Wool Dye Turquoise 10 gm177,- CZK
APDI10Ashford Wool Dye Indigo 10 gm177,- CZK
APDCH10Ashford Wool Dye Chocolate 10 gm177,- CZK
APDC10Ashford Wool Dye Coal 10 gm177,- CZK
APDBY100Ashford Wool Dye Bright Yellow 100 gm948,- CZK
APDG100Ashford Wool Dye Gold 100 gm948,- CZK
APDO100Ashford Wool Dye Orange 100 gm948,- CZK
APDR100Ashford Wool Dye Red 100 gm948,- CZK
APDF100Ashford Wool Dye Fuchsia 100 gm948,- CZK
APDBP100Ashford Wool Dye Bright Pink 100 gm948,- CZK
APDV100Ashford Wool Dye Violet 100 gm948,- CZK
APDP100Ashford Wool Dye Peacock 100 gm948,- CZK
APDS100Ashford Wool Dye Shamrock 100 gm948,- CZK
APDSA100Ashford Wool Dye Sapphire 100 gm948,- CZK
APDT100Ashford Wool Dye Turquoise 100 gm948,- CZK
APDI100Ashford Wool Dye Indigo 100 gm948,- CZK
APDCH100Ashford Wool Dye Chocolate 100 gm948,- CZK
APDC100Ashford Wool Dye Coal 100 gm948,- CZK

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