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Country 2 Ashford Spinning Wheel

Country 2

For big yarns
   huge capacity bobbin
   double treadle
   large orifice
   spin thick novelty yarns

This is a specialist wheel designed to spin extra bulky yarn used in rug weaving and chunky knitting or for plying bulk quantities. The orifice is extra large and the bobbins have up to a huge 1 kg (2.2 lb) capacity. The ball bearings and double treadle allows for an easy start and treadling. The slow drive ratio and sensitive leather flyer brake system are ideal for creating unique novelty yarns. Provision for plying from 2 bobbins.

Wheel diameter 46 cm (18 ins)
Orifice 2.7 cm
Bobbin capacity 900 gm - 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Ratios 1:3, 1:4, 1:5
Weight 8.6 kg (14.5 lbs)
Timber Silver Beech hardwood (natural surface)
Ball bearings

Included accessories:
1 country spinner bobbin, Threading hook, Learn to spin booklet

Prices include tax
CS2 Ashford Country 2 spinning-wheelCS220 945,- CZK
CS2L Ashford Country 2 spinning-wheel lacquerCS2L22 998,- CZK
CSB Country Spiner BobbinCSB1 777,- CZK
CSBL Country Spiner Bobbin lacquerCSBL2 186,- CZK
Super Reducer Set

Super Reducer Set [SRS]

Have you ever wanted to spin a finer yarn on your Kiwi Super Flyer or Country Spinner without the yarn dancing around the orifice?
Now you can with a 2 piece nylon bush set that reduces the orifice to 15 mm (5/8 in) or 10 mm (3/8 in).

Prices include tax
SRS Super Reducer Set for KSF and CS2SRS684,- CZK

Lazy Kate Super Jumbo [LKSJ]

Lazy Kate Super Jumbo

Lazy Kate Super Jumbo [LKSJ]

Lazy Kate Super Jumbo
Upright Lazy Kate. Suitable for use with the e-Spinner Super Jumbo and the Country Spinner 2.
Adjustable angle. Steel uprights store in base when not in use. Solid Silver Beech hardwood, lacquered finish. Bobbins not included.

Prices include tax
LKSJ Lazy Kate Super JumboLKSJ3 550,- CZK
Prices include tax
CS2Ashford Country 2 spinning-wheel20 945,- CZK
CS2LAshford Country 2 spinning-wheel lacquer22 998,- CZK
CSBCountry Spiner Bobbin1 777,- CZK
CSBLCountry Spiner Bobbin lacquer2 186,- CZK
SRSSuper Reducer Set for KSF and CS2684,- CZK
LKSJLazy Kate Super Jumbo3 550,- CZK

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