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The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving
The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving
Rowena Hart
International weaving teacher, Rowena Hart, shows you how you can create exciting, beautiful garments and crafts - all on the simple two harness loom.
In the book she guides you step-by-step through the many techniques, showing just how easy it is to make your woven creations come alive through colour and texture.
Be inspired by Rowena, who has worked with weavers from many cultures in her role as Education and Marketing Manager of Ashford Handicrafts Ltd.
Also known as the Rigid Heddle, this loom is simple to use, light and compact. It will produce fabrics and tapestries to delight you - whether you are a novice or experienced weaver.
123 pages.

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ABRHW The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle WeavingABRHW596,- CZK
The Ashford Book of Carding
The Ashford Book of Carding
Jo Reeve
This is a practical and inspirational guide to carding fleece, slivers and exotic fibres. Written for the hand spinner and felter, and everyone who loves fibre, there are sections on using flick, hand and drum carders, fibre and colour blending, colour theory and four innovative projects. Step by step instructions and full colour photographs envelope you in the world of colour, texture and the endless possibilities of fibre. 92 pages.

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ABC The Ashford Book of CardingABC590,- CZK
The Ashford Book of Hand Spinning [ABHS]
The Ashford Book of Hand Spinning
Jo Reeve
Learn to hand spin with fibre artist Jo Reeve. Jo, the author of the very popular Ashford Book of Carding, has twenty-seven years of spinning experience and will show you how to spin from the beginning through to advanced techniques. Learn how to create unique yarns using different techniques and fibres and make five easy projects using your handspun yarn. Step by step instructions and gorgeous colour photographs will take you on a new journey of creativity.
116 pages

Prices include tax
ABHS Ashford Book of Hand SpinningABHS596,- CZK
The Ashford Book of Weaving Patterns
The Ashford Book of Weaving Patterns
Elsa Krogh
Elsa Krogh, Danish weaver, spinner and author, has brought together her favourite weaving patterns using four, six and eight shafts. Elsa has woven beautiful and exciting shawls, scarves, cushions, towels, table runners, placemats and fabric material, She uses a variety of techniques from twill to summer and winter and modern backed weaves and there are projects for all levels of weaving experience. Many of the patterns are sourced from archival material from local museums. Elsa brings a wonderful sense of continuity to her craft as well as elegant Scandinavian style.
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ABWPFES The Ashford Book of Weaving Patterns 4 - 8 shaftsABWPFES595,- CZK
The Ashford Book of Needle Felting
The Ashford Book of Needle Felting
Barbara Allen
Explore the unlimited potential of needle felting. Create your own adorable figures, beautiful flowers and scenes, striking jewellery and embellishments all in flat or sculpted felt. With just a little wool, a felting needle and this book you can create unique, beautiful felted works of art. If you haven’t tried needle felting, here is a book to inspire you. Barbara, a popular teacher and author, explains and illustrates all the techniques, materials and equipment needed. For each project there are step-by-step instructions and full colour photographs of each process. There are projects for beginners and skilled felters and each project builds on the knowledge gained. By the book’s end you will be experienced and confident to create your own masterpiece or try one of Barbara’s beautiful gallery pieces. The book provides all the pattern templates for the projects. 112 pages, full colour.

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ABNF The Ashford Book of Needle FeltingABNF557,- CZK
DVD cover
Spinning and Weaving the Ashford Way
This DVD is especially useful for teachers, groups, schools, novice spinners, weavers and crafts people.
The DVD takes 67 minutes.

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ADVD DVD Spinning & Weaving The Ashford WayADVD231,- CZK
Prices include tax
ABRHWThe Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving596,- CZK
ABCThe Ashford Book of Carding590,- CZK
ABHSAshford Book of Hand Spinning596,- CZK
ABWPFESThe Ashford Book of Weaving Patterns 4 - 8 shafts595,- CZK
ABNFThe Ashford Book of Needle Felting557,- CZK
ADVDDVD Spinning & Weaving The Ashford Way231,- CZK

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