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Ashford DK Yarns

Ashford DK yarn Ashford DK yarn Ashford DK yarn Ashford DK yarn Ashford DK yarn Ashford DK yarn Ashford DK yarn Ashford DK yarn Ashford DK yarn
This semi worsted yarn is a blend of Corriedale and Perendale, a traditional Double Knit (DK) weight yarn with a three-fold twist (three strands plied together) to give durability and great stitch definition. Ideal for knitting, weaving and knit/felt garments, accessories and projects.
  • ball size 100g - length cca 202 m
  • knitting - needles mm
  • weaving - reed 7.5 - 10 dpi

Prices include tax
ADK100Ashford DK 100g Pure White yarn230,- CZK
ADK105Ashford DK 100g Natural White yarn230,- CZK
ADK110Ashford DK 100g Sand yarn230,- CZK
ADK115Ashford DK 100g Truffle yarn230,- CZK
ADK120Ashford DK 100g Coffee yarn230,- CZK
ADK125Ashford DK 100g Mocha yarn230,- CZK
ADK130Ashford DK 100g Chocolate yarn230,- CZK
ADK135Ashford DK 100g Granite yarn230,- CZK
ADK140Ashford DK 100g Pewter yarn230,- CZK
ADK145Ashford DK 100g Smoke yarn230,- CZK
ADK150Ashford DK 100g Fog yarn230,- CZK
ADK200Ashford DK 100g Blush yarn230,- CZK
ADK205Ashford DK 100g Rose yarn230,- CZK
ADK210Ashford DK 100g Coral yarn230,- CZK
ADK215Ashford DK 100g Peach yarn230,- CZK
ADK220Ashford DK 100g Lemon yarn230,- CZK
ADK225Ashford DK 100g Lime yarn230,- CZK
ADK230Ashford DK 100g Peppermint yarn230,- CZK
ADK235Ashford DK 100g Sky yarn230,- CZK
ADK240Ashford DK 100g Iris yarn230,- CZK
ADK300Ashford DK 100g Rouge yarn230,- CZK
ADK305Ashford DK 100g Garnet yarn230,- CZK
ADK310Ashford DK 100g Chestnut yarn230,- CZK
ADK315Ashford DK 100g Dijon yarn230,- CZK
ADK320Ashford DK 100g Moss yarn230,- CZK
ADK325Ashford DK 100g Lichen yarn230,- CZK
ADK330Ashford DK 100g Beansprout yarn230,- CZK
ADK335Ashford DK 100g Khaki yarn230,- CZK
ADK340Ashford DK 100g Spearmint yarn230,- CZK
ADK345Ashford DK 100g Cornflower yarn230,- CZK
ADK350Ashford DK 100g Sapphire yarn230,- CZK
ADK400Ashford DK 100g Cherry yarn230,- CZK
ADK405Ashford DK 100g Tangelo yarn230,- CZK
ADK410Ashford DK 100g Dandelion yarn230,- CZK
ADK415Ashford DK 100g Shamrock yarn230,- CZK
ADK420Ashford DK 100g Forest yarn230,- CZK
ADK425Ashford DK 100g Denim yarn230,- CZK
ADK430Ashford DK 100g Indigo yarn230,- CZK
ADK435Ashford DK 100g Violet yarn230,- CZK
ADK440Ashford DK 100g Liquorice yarn230,- CZK

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