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Bobbin shuttle [BSHTL]

Bobbin shuttle
Bobbin Shuttle Wooden Winder

Bobbin Shuttle Wooden Winder [BSBWW]

Bobbin Shuttle Metal Winder

Bobbin Shuttle Metal Winder [BSBW]

Small Warping Frame [WF4]

Small Warping Frame
Dismountable frame for the 4.5m warp.

Fringe Twister

Fringe Twister [FT4]

Raddle Kit [RK]

Raddle Kit
For quick, easy and fuss free warping of table loom.
Available for all Ashford table looms
        30cm, 40cm, 60cm a 80cm
Kit includes:
Raddle with steel pins spaces 12.5mm (1/2in) apart
2 steel rings
stretchy helping hands
20 cardboard warpsticks
Learn to weave on the Table loom booklet

Stick shuttles [SHTL]

Stick shuttles
Available stick shuttles are 15, 26, 36, 56 and 80cm long (SHTL1, SHTL2, SHTL3, SHTL5, SHTL8).

Hobby Bench [HB]

Hobby Bench
Designed with your comfort and posture in mind. The bench in solid Silver Beech hardwood has four-position adjustable seat heights. Folding seat conceals roomy storage compartment.

Four seat heights:
  •   49 cm
  •   52 cm
  •   56 cm
  •   60 cm

Prices include tax
BSHTLBobbin Shuttle 29cm1 216,- CZK
BSHTL35Bobbin Shuttle 35cm1 260,- CZK
BSB10Nylon Shuttle Bobbins 10pcs311,- CZK
PBBSPaper Shuttle Bobbins 10pcs202,- CZK
BSBWWBobbin Shuttle Wooden Winder2 368,- CZK
BSBWBobbin Shuttle Metal Winder4 980,- CZK
WF4Small Warping Frame2 651,- CZK
FT4Fringe Twister1 106,- CZK
RK3Raddle Kit 30cm1 056,- CZK
RK4Raddle Kit 40cm1 306,- CZK
RK6Raddle Kit 60cm1 542,- CZK
RK8Raddle Kit 80cm1 780,- CZK
SHTL1Stick Shuttle 15cm (6 inch)65,- CZK
SHTL2Stick Shuttle 26cm (10 inch)76,- CZK
SHTL3Stick Shuttle 36cm (14 inch)96,- CZK
SHTL5Stick Shuttle 56cm (22 inch)126,- CZK
SHTL8Stick Shuttle 80cm (32 inch)148,- CZK
HBLHobby Bench Lacquer8 822,- CZK

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