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There are four bobbins (for Kiwi, Joy and Electronic three) included in your new spinning wheel. You can buy next bobbins if you need them.
The picture from left:
 Standard bobbin (single drive) (SB)
 Double drive bobbin (DDB)
 Lace bobbin (LB)
 Jumbo bobbin (single drive) (JB)
 Jumbo double drive bobbin (JDDB)

Tensioned Lazy Kate

Tensioned Lazy Kate [TLK]

All spin-wheels include simple Lazy Kate for plying - twisting two or more singles into one thread of yarn, which then doesn't twist and make loops.
Fast spinning of non-braked bobbins isn't gratifing, therefore Precision Lazy Kate with braked bobbins is ideal for comfortable plying. Setting of braking force is very simple - by setting of spring tension. This Lazy Kate is suitable for all bobbin types, bobbins are quick and easy to change. Made from beautiful Silver Beech hardwood with a rich lacquer finish.

Niddy Noddy

Niddy Noddy [NN]

For making 1.5m (5') skeins of yarn. A bit of practice and you will grow into master. Without wood finishing.

Niddy Noddy Sampler

Niddy Noddy Sampler [NNS]

For making 80cm (32inch) skeins of yarn. Ideal for making sample skeins, with removable ends for storage and transport.

Spinning chair

Spinning chair [SC]

Style chair has exactly right height for comfortable sitting at the wheel. You will find you need it when you sit on an unsuitable chair longer time.

Quill Spindle [QS]

Quill Spindle [QS]

Spin the traditional way. Replace the flyer on your wheel and enjoy the ancient art of quill spinning.
Rations 14.0:1, 19.0:1, 26.5:1.
The Quill Spindle is the same for single and double drive spinning-wheels.

Metal Skeiner [SK]

Metal Skeiner [SK]

Conveniently holds 1.5m (5 ft.) skeins made on the Niddy Noddy.

Finishing Wax Polish 75g

Finishing Wax Polish 75g [FWP]

The manufacturer recommends swabbing of the natural surface by his special natural wax polish. If you don't want to do some other surface finishing, we offer you the recommended original Wax Polish.

Sliding Hook Flyer [SHF]

Sliding Hook Flyer [SHF]

Flyers available: Single Drive and Jumbo Single Drive with 4 speeds, Double Drive & Jumbo Double Drive with 3 speeds. Fill your bobbins evenly with the squeeze-and-slide stainless steel hook. Graphite fibreglass arms make this flyer light and strong. The yarn is controlled in the hook as you spin. Update your Ashford Traditional, Traveller and Elizabethspinning wheels. The flyer is available natural or lacquer and includes one bobbin.

Skein Holder

Skein Holder [SK2]

Tensioned and adjustable. Holds or makes skeins from 1-2m, up to 1.5kg of yarn.
You can wind your yarn straight from the bobbin into a skein.

Prices include tax
SBStandard bobbin (single drive)313,- CZK
DDBDouble drive bobbin376,- CZK
DDBLDouble drive bobbin lacquered402,- CZK
LBLace bobbin397,- CZK
JBJumbo bobbin (single drive)431,- CZK
JBLJumbo Bobbin Lacquer477,- CZK
JDDBJumbo double drive bobbin447,- CZK
JDDBLJumbo Bobbin Double Drive Lacquered492,- CZK
SBJLSliding Hook Joy Bobbin 90mm Lacquer389,- CZK
CSBCountry Spiner Bobbin1 635,- CZK
CSBLCountry Spiner Bobbin lacquer1 788,- CZK
TLKTensioned Lazy Kate1 282,- CZK
NNNiddy Noddy586,- CZK
NNSNiddy Noddy Sampler541,- CZK
SCSpinning Chair Natural5 034,- CZK
SCLSpinning Chair Lacquer5 542,- CZK
QSQuill Spindle1 667,- CZK
SKMetal Skein Holder1 360,- CZK
FWPTin of Wax Polish 75gr298,- CZK
SHFSliding Hook Flyer & Bobbin2 228,- CZK
SHFJJumbo Sliding Hook Flyer & Bobbin2 640,- CZK
SHFDDDouble Drive Sliding Hook Flyer & Bobbin2 722,- CZK
SHFJDDJumbo Double Drive Sliding Hook Flyer & Bobbin2 980,- CZK
SHFJDDLJumbo sliding hook flyer double drive lacquered3 085,- CZK
SHFBBobbin for Sliding Hook Flyer 90mm355,- CZK
SHFBLBobbin for Sliding Hook Flyer 90mm lacquer389,- CZK
SHFDDBBobbin for Slid.Hook Flyer Doub.Drive 90mm398,- CZK
SHFDDBLBobbin for Slid.Hook Flyer Doub.Drive 90mm lacq.430,- CZK
SK2LSkeiner 2 lacquered4 752,- CZK
MKMaintenance Kit515,- CZK

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