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Accessories of Rigid Heddle Looms

Included Accessories
one 7,5 dpi - 30/10cm reed, 2 shuttles, warping peg, 2 threading hooks, 2 clamps and weaving guide.

Optional Accessories

For weaving on the Rigid heddle looms, this simple stand is very useful. It has the variable width 40, 60 and 80 cm. The 120 cm wide stand is also available.

Table Stand [RHTS]

Table Stand Table Stand
Now you can weave on your Rigid Heddle Loom in an upright position. This is very comfortable when weaving tapestries or using other hand-manipulated techniques. Simply attach it to any RH loom, regardless of its width.


Reeds 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5 and 15 dpi [RDRH]

Available densities - 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 & 15 dpi - 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60/10 cm. (The Reed 7.5 dpi is included.)
Reeds with smaller density are suitable for weaving thicker materials (wool, craft yarns), higher density is for finer yarns (cotton, linen):

2.5 dpi fabrics of fancy yarns
5 dpi tapestries, carpets, bags, mohair shawls, ...
7.5 dpi wool shawls, cushions (p.e. from Tekapo wool), ...
10 dpi thin wool shawls, tablemats, ...
12.5 dpi linen and cotton tablemats, ...
15 dpi linen and cotton tablemats, ...

Variable Dent Reeds

Variable Dent Reed [RDV]

allows you to have zones of different density (2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 a 15 dpi) in one warp and combine differently thick materials into one fabric.
The reed is demountable and you can sort the blocks with desired density freely according to your needs.

Second Heddle Kit

Second Heddle Kit [SHK]

For Multi heddle weaving. Use this kit to double your ends per inch or you can weave double width fabrics. You will need another reed identical to the one you have. You only need these double blocks if you have an older loom. The RH looms sold since October 2018 are equipped with these double blocks in the basic design.

Stick shuttles [SHTL]

Stick shuttles
You will get two stick shuttles with your new loom like the included accessories. We recommend you to buy some next shuttles, because you can easily weave narrower things and you will often need to use more colours into your weft.

Wave stick shuttles

Wave stick shuttles
Available lengths 40, 50 and 70 cm [SHTL4W, SHTL5W, SHTL7W].

Wave stick shuttles Wave stick shuttles
Finishing Wax Polish 75g

Finishing Wax Polish 75g [FWP]

The manufacturer recommends swabbing of the natural surface by his special natural wax polish. If you don't want to do some other surface finishing, we offer you the recommended original Wax Polish.

Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller [RHFR]

Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller
Quick and simple to attach, this additional front roller gives you the freedom to weave longer lengths of fabric and the freedom to weave with thick weft yarns, all the while keeping the optimum sheds. Now you can weave double width projects with ease, weave rag or rya knot rugs longer and thicker, weave with super yarns, and weave multiple projects without cutting and re-leashing the warp. Kit includes Freedom Roller with clicker pawl, warp stick and warp stick ties.

Rigid Heddle Warping Pegs

Rigid Heddle Warping Pegs [RHWP]

For indirect warping on the Rigid Heddle Loom. Set of 14.
The approximate maximum warp lengths for each size loom are:
RH400 - Rigid Heddle 40 cm (16") - 4.7 m (15.5')
RH600 - Rigid Heddle 60 cm (24") - 6.7 m (22')
RH800 - Rigid Heddle 80 cm (32") - 8.7 m (28.5')
RH1200 - Rigid Heddle 120 cm (48") - 12.7 m (41.5')

Prices include tax
RHLSVVariable RH Loom Stand 40, 60 and 80 cm3 427,- CZK
RHLS12RH Loom Stand with shelves 120cm4 794,- CZK
RHTSRH Table Stand1 985,- CZK
RDRH4/2,5RH nylon Reed 40cm - 2.5dpi538,- CZK
RDRH4/5RH nylon Reed 40cm - 5dpi538,- CZK
RDRH4/7,5RH nylon Reed 40cm - 7.5dpi538,- CZK
RDRH4/10RH nylon Reed 40cm - 10dpi538,- CZK
RDRH4/12,5RH nylon Reed 40cm - 12.5dpi538,- CZK
RDRH4/15RH nylon Reed 40cm - 15dpi538,- CZK
RDRH6/2,5RH nylon Reed 60cm - 2.5dpi672,- CZK
RDRH6/5RH nylon Reed 60cm - 5dpi672,- CZK
RDRH6/7,5RH nylon Reed 60cm - 7.5dpi672,- CZK
RDRH6/10RH nylon Reed 60cm - 10dpi672,- CZK
RDRH6/12,5RH nylon Reed 60cm - 12.5dpi672,- CZK
RDRH6/15RH nylon Reed 60cm - 15dpi672,- CZK
RDRH8/2,5RH nylon Reed 80cm - 2.5dpi893,- CZK
RDRH8/5RH nylon Reed 80cm - 5dpi893,- CZK
RDRH8/7,5RH nylon Reed 80cm - 7.5dpi893,- CZK
RDRH8/10RH nylon Reed 80cm - 10dpi893,- CZK
RDRH8/12,5RH nylon Reed 80cm - 12.5dpi893,- CZK
RDRH8/15RH nylon Reed 80cm - 15dpi893,- CZK
RDRH12/2,5RH reed 120cm - 2.5 dpi1 482,- CZK
RDRH12/5RH reed 120cm - 5 dpi1 482,- CZK
RDRH12/7,5RH reed 120cm - 7.5 dpi1 482,- CZK
RDRH12/10RH reed 120cm - 10dpi1 482,- CZK
RDRH12/12,5RH reed 120cm - 12.5 dpi1 482,- CZK
RDRH12/15RH reed 120cm - 15dpi1 482,- CZK
RDRH25/2,5RH nylon Reed 25cm - 2.5dpi482,- CZK
RDRH25/5RH nylon Reed 25cm - 5dpi482,- CZK
RDRH25/7,5RH nylon Reed 25cm - 7.5dpi482,- CZK
RDRH25/10RH nylon Reed 25cm - 10dpi482,- CZK
RDRH25/12,5RH nylon Reed 25cm - 12.5dpi482,- CZK
RDRH25/15RH nylon Reed 25cm - 15dpi482,- CZK
RDV25Vari Dent Reed 25cm1 740,- CZK
RDV4Vari Dent Reed 40cm1 890,- CZK
RDV6Vari Dent Reed 60cm2 285,- CZK
RDV8Vari Dent Reed 80cm2 465,- CZK
RDV12Vari Dent Reed 120cm3 206,- CZK
SHKSecond Heddle Kit766,- CZK
SHTL1Stick Shuttle 15 cm (6 inch)65,- CZK
SHTL2Stick Shuttle 26 cm (10 inch)76,- CZK
SHTL3Stick Shuttle 36 cm (14 inch)96,- CZK
SHTL4Stick Shuttle 46 cm (18 inch)116,- CZK
SHTL5Stick Shuttle 56 cm (22 inch)126,- CZK
SHTL8Stick Shuttle 80 cm (32 inch)148,- CZK
SHTL4WWavy Stick Shuttle 40 cm (16 inch)470,- CZK
SHTL5WWavy Stick Shuttle 50 cm (20 inch)510,- CZK
SHTL7WWavy Stick Shuttle 70 cm (28 inch)590,- CZK
FWPTin of Wax Polish 75gr298,- CZK
RHFR4Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller 40cm1 870,- CZK
RHFR6Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller 60cm1 983,- CZK
RHFR8Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller 80cm2 095,- CZK
RHFR12Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller 120cm2 517,- CZK
RHWPRigid Heddle Warping Pegs326,- CZK

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