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Accessories of Knitters Loom

Optional Accessories
Reeds 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5 and 15dpi

Reeds 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5 and 15dpi [RDKL3/5/7]

Available densities - 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5 & 15 dpi - 10, 20, 40, 50 & 60/10cm. (The Reed 7.5dpi is included.)
Reeds with smaller density are suitable for weaving thicker materials (wool, craft yarns), higher density is for finer yarns (cotton, linen):

2.5 dpi tapestries, bags, mohair shawls, ...
5 dpi tapestries, bags, mohair shawls, ...
7.5dpi wool shawls, cushions (p.e. from Tekapo wool), ...
10dpi thin wool shawls, tablemats, ...
12.5dpi linen and cotton tablemats, ...
15dpi linen and cotton tablemats, ...

Second Heddle Kit

Second Heddle Kit [KL2HK]

For Multi heddle weaving. Use this kit to double your ends per inch or you can weave double width fabrics. You will need another reed identical to the one you have.

Carry Bag for Knitters Loom [CBKL3/5]

Carry Bags for Knitters Looms

Stand for Knitters Loom [KL3-5-7LS]

Stand for Knitters Loom Variable Dent Reeds

Variable Dent Reed [RDV]

allows you to have zones of different density (2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 a 15dpi) in one warp and combine differently thick materials into one fabric.
The reed is demountable and you can sort the blocks with desired density freely according to your needs.

Prices include tax
KL2HKSecond Heddle Kit for KL looms813,- CZK
KL3CBCarry Bag for KL31 020,- CZK
KL5CBCarry Bag for KL51 320,- CZK
KL7CBCarry Bag for KL71 840,- CZK
KL3LSLoom Stand for KL32 150,- CZK
KL5LSLoom Stand for KL52 938,- CZK
KL7LSLoom Stand for KL73 460,- CZK
RDKL3/2,5Knitters Loom Reed 30cm - 2.5dpi559,- CZK
RDKL3/5Knitters Loom Reed 30cm - 5dpi559,- CZK
RDKL3/7,5Knitters Loom Reed 30cm - 7.5dpi559,- CZK
RDKL3/10Knitters Loom Reed 30cm - 10dpi559,- CZK
RDKL3/12,5Knitters Loom Reed 30cm - 12.5dpi559,- CZK
RDKL3/15Knitters Loom Reed 30cm - 15dpi559,- CZK
RDKL5/2,5Knitters Loom Reed 50cm - 2.5dpi643,- CZK
RDKL5/5Knitters Loom Reed 50cm - 5dpi643,- CZK
RDKL5/7,5Knitters Loom Reed 50cm - 7.5dpi643,- CZK
RDKL5/10Knitters Loom Reed 50cm - 10dpi643,- CZK
RDKL5/12,5Knitters Loom Reed 50cm - 12.5dpi643,- CZK
RDKL5/15Knitters Loom Reed 50cm - 15dpi643,- CZK
RDKL7/2,5Knitters Loom Reed 70cm - 2.5dpi806,- CZK
RDKL7/5Knitters Loom Reed 70cm - 5dpi806,- CZK
RDKL7/7,5Knitters Loom Reed 70cm - 7.5dpi806,- CZK
RDKL7/10Knitters Loom Reed 70cm - 10dpi806,- CZK
RDKL7/12,5Knitters Loom Reed 70cm - 12.5dpi806,- CZK
RDKL7/15Knitters Loom Reed 70cm - 15dpi806,- CZK
RDV3Vari Dent Reed 30cm1 759,- CZK
RDV5Vari Dent Reed 50cm2 199,- CZK
RDV7Vari Dent Reed 70cm2 522,- CZK

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