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Accessories of Kiwi

Accessories of Kiwi spinning-wheel

Kiwi Super Flyer [KSF-KSFL]

For all your fine yarns, soft yarns, lofty yarns, beaded, bobbled and boucle yarns, twisted, coiled and core spun yarns. 27mm orifice.
Includes lazy kate and 3 huge super bobbins with a 500gm capacity.
Available in natural timber or lacquer finish.
Kiwi Super Flyer
Prices include tax
KSF Kiwi Super FlyerKSF8 644,- CZK
KSFL Kiwi Super Flyer LacquerKSFL8 866,- CZK
KSFB Kiwi Super Flyer BobbinKSFB746,- CZK
KSFBL Kiwi Super Flyer Bobbin LacquerKSFBL839,- CZK

Super Reducer Set [SRS]

Super Reducer Set

Super Reducer Set [SRS]

Have you ever wanted to spin a finer yarn on your Kiwi Super Flyer or Country Spinner 2 without the yarn dancing around the orifice?
Now you can with a 2 piece nylon bush set that reduces the orifice to 15 mm (5/8 in) or 10 mm (3/8 in).

Prices include tax
SRS Super Reducer Set for KSF and CS2SRS684,- CZK

Kiwi High Speed Kit [KHSK]

Kiwi High Speed Kit [KHSK]
Spin ultra fine yarns.
Kit contains a high speed whorl and polycord drive belt.
Ratios 11 and 14:1

Prices include tax
KHSK Kiwi High Speed KitKHSK803,- CZK

Carry Bag for Kiwi3 [KSW3CB]

Carry Bag for Kiwi3 Carry Bag for Kiwi3
This sturdy, padded carry bag has a shoulder strap and two front pockets. Please note the carry bag will only fit the Kiwi 3 with folding treadles.

Prices include tax
KSW3CB Carry Bag for KSW3KSW3CB2 622,- CZK
Prices include tax
KSFKiwi Super Flyer8 644,- CZK
KSFLKiwi Super Flyer Lacquer8 866,- CZK
KSFBKiwi Super Flyer Bobbin746,- CZK
KSFBLKiwi Super Flyer Bobbin Lacquer839,- CZK
SRSSuper Reducer Set for KSF and CS2684,- CZK
KHSKKiwi High Speed Kit803,- CZK
KSW3CBCarry Bag for KSW32 622,- CZK

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